Telecommunications Industry in the U.S. Hispanic Market

Telecommunications Industry in the U.S. Hispanic Market

In 2014 the telecommunications industry spent a total of $4,042.695.900 in advertising.

How much of that went to the Hispanic market publications including newspapers?

The entire industry’s budget for the Hispanic market is only 9.8% of the total yearly amount with only AT&T spending 0.6% in Hispanic magazines while spending $5,034.400, or 1.3% of their budget in Hispanic newspapers

T-Mobile is the company that spent the largest percentage of their total budget in the Hispanic market at 12.3% or $88,955,800; however, only allocated $403,100, which is 0.5% of the total annual budget, to Hispanic newspapers.

Still, there is companies that allocate less than the above, as it’s the case of US Cell which allocates zero to the Hispanic market of their $34,161,200 annual budget.

Some data about Hispanics and Telecommunications:

  • Nearly 3 out of every 4(or 72% of) Hispanics in the U.S. own a smart-phone (Pew Research Center – April 2015)
  • 43% and 36% of Hispanics stream and download mobile video, respectively, versus 25% and 17% for non-Hispanics (PwC – May 2014)

In spite of the fact that the telecommunications industry is the one that allocates the largest percentage of their advertising budgets to the Hispanic market at 9.8% of their annual expenditures, it’s still well below what it should be for such a large and growing market as the U.S. Hispanic market and the use of telecommunications by this segment of the population.

*Source:Kantar Media

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