Sports Leagues Foul Out on NAHP Advertising

Sports Leagues Foul Out on NAHP Advertising
By Stacy M. Brown, Special to NAHP


The NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL and MLS combine to spend more than $1 billion annually to advertise their game to consumers.  With the Hispanic consumer growing as well as the dollars they have to spend, the leagues continue to overlook Spanish-owned newspapers when it comes to advertising.

Their excuse:
“Each year, our efforts and connections with Hispanic media across broadcast, print and online platforms become more extensive,” said Ileana Pena, senior director of business communications for Major League Baseball.

“Our overall marketing strategy is to reach our fans in places where they engage us,” said Gustavo de Mello, the senior vice president of strategy, planning and integration for the NBA.

“NBA consumption overall – globally and regardless of language – continues to grow in digital and mobile platforms, which is where we focus our marketing efforts,” de Mello said.

However, Hispanics young and old have a strong attachment to print, the only source where they are getting information on how to live in the community, said Gail Smith, a board member and vice president for NAHP and publisher and managing director for Impacto Latin News in New York.

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