Pharmaceutical Industry in the U.S. Hispanic Market

Pharmaceutical Industry in the U.S. Hispanic Market

In the last year, the pharmaceutical industry spent a total of $4,495,994,300 in advertising, of which only $130, 203,400 was spent in the Hispanic market which represents 2.9% of their total annual advertising budget. From this budget they spent $1,744,700 in Hispanic magazines and $36,700 in Hispanic newspapers, OR 0.039% and 0.00082% respectively of their total advertising budget.

Roche Labs spent the most in advertising to the Hispanic community, allocating $10,456,100; however, only $800 is spent in newspaper ads (only 0.00063% of their total budget). Meanwhile, AztraZeneca spent $356,241,600 in advertising, but only allocated $600 to the Hispanic market, which represents 0.000168% of their total advertising budget.

Based on this information, it is evident that the advertising dollars spent by the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. Hispanic market does not equitably match the needs of this community.

As an organization, the NAHP is working with representatives of this industry to steer more advertising dollars towards the Hispanic newspapers.

*Source:Kantar Data 2014

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