NAHP Legislative Summit… “How Do I Win Political and Governmental Dollars for my Newspaper and Website?”

Election 16

This is an election year.  Your paper serves your community well.  You have outstanding political journalism and they rely on you for quality news and information.  How do you monetize it politically?  Please join us in Washington DC at the NAHP Legislative Summit March 9 – 11.

NAHP partners up with National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) to engage legislators and government sectors in a conversation which supports inclusion of Hispanic and African American media in marketing plans.  Come and participate in our roundtables of current buyers and planners who will help direct us on how to monetize political and governmental dollars for your newspaper.

-Opening Reception
– Workshops with GSA and Government Buyers
– Matchmaking with Agencies and Government Buyers
– Lunch and Dinner Keynote Speakers
– Capitol Hill Visits with Legislators

Visit NAHP for more details.

For information on Sponsorship of this event, please email:

White House Visit During Summit

Together the NAHP and NNPA reach more than 40 million readers weekly through our network of more than 500 publications and newspapers across the country. Our interest in scheduling this briefing at the White House is twofold: (1) to advance and improve outreach efforts to our communities by encouraging federal agencies directly or through corporations regulated by the federal government to support our publications with sponsored announcements, events and advertising; and (2) provide our editors and journalists with an overview of the initiatives the administration plans to undertake for the rest of the year that have a direct impact on our communities. We can provide a specific list of topics if appropriate.

We do not expect more than 75 participants for this visit. Thursday, March 10, 3:00 pm-5:00 pm has been set aside on our program schedule to visit with the officials.

Your Reservation should be made directly to Mr. Jose Sueiro at (202) 203-0120 or via email at:

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