Convention 2015 “Connecting and Engaging with Today’s Hispanic Landscape”

NAHP Dallas

Our agenda is almost finalized. We have pretty exciting news concerning our Gala. It will be held at The Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo, the number one tourist attraction in Dallas.

Sheila Coates, a remarkable woman will speak about her book “BYOB.” No, not drinking but BE YOUR OWN BRAND. She will give ideas on how to strategically brand your publication and become more successful. Additionally, we have Pablo Manriquez from The Democratic National Convention to share insights about next year’s elections. Moreover, we have Uriel Saenz from the LA times to share ideas on how to be successful in print in today’s market.

It will be a magnificent event! We will be pleased to have you join fellow owners and share new and exciting ideas regarding our fast-changing print world. NAHP has been around for over 30 years and we are eager to connect with you and provide you with the latest tools to help you drive your publication forward and stronger than ever.

We thank our Sponsor for their generous support and we look forward to seeing everyone on October 18-21 in Dallas.

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