Bi-cultural: The New Identity of Latinos in the U.S.

Given that today’s Latinos have a role in multi-generational families and have the desire to have relationships outside the family nucleus, the modern Latinos are bi-cultural.

“Bi-Cultural” is defined as the ability to function across both the Latino and American cultures, given them a unique position in the consumer landscape
– 85% of this group call themselves “Latino AND American”
– 80% want to have family dinners every night
– 75% want their children to continue with their cultural traditions
– 72% say that their cultural heritage is an important part of who they are
– 70% mention that they would like to learn other countries’ culture
– 48% feel good about watching celebrities that share their cultural background on media
– 70% consider themselves social people

Source: Abasto Nielsen – For Full Graphic in Spanish for your Use Click Ambicultural (Must Give Credit to Abasto and Daniel Dau)