Airline Industry: U.S. Hispanic Market Marketing

In 2014 year the airline industry spent $373,513,700 in advertising, of which only $5,367,800 were spent in the Hispanic market. This represents only 1.44% of their total annual budget. Out of this budget, the industry invested $236,800 in Hispanic magazines, or the equivalent to 0.063% of their annual budget. Meanwhile, they spent $194,600 in Hispanic newspaper which represents only 0.052% of their total annual advertising budget.*

Airline Industry U.S. Hispanic Market Marketing

Southwest Airlines is the airline that allocates the highest budget for Hispanic advertising to the tune of $4,739,500, but only $12,000 per year is spent in Hispanic magazines and $24,800 in Hispanic newspapers.  That represents 0.0062% and 0.0127% of their total annual advertising budget respectively. Hawaiian Airlines spends $3,694.300 annually and does not allocate any budget to the Hispanic market.*
*Source: Kantar Media

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