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All Your Print, Digital, Event and Community Needs

Advocacy and Legislation

We advocate in Washington for issues important to our community.

A letter of endorsement from NAHP is a powerful tool to get things done.

Community Outreach

We can help you play where your customers play.

Foster positive attitudes among publishers to promote advocacy on your behalf regarding public policy issues.

Public Relations

Press release distribution through the NAHP Newswire provides a direct line to top U.S. Hispanic Publishers.


Representing over 400 Hispanic publications, the NAHP creates, plans, and executes targeted print campaigns with 360° platform extensions.

Offering diverse digital solutions, including geographic and behavioral targeting, on proprietary websites.

The Power of Print

Among Hispanic Communities Did You Know?

Local Hispanic newspapers are often the primary source of information in these communities since it is delivered (and researched) from a Hispanic Perspective.

Connects the community to local businesses, leaders, and organizations.

Hispanics are the least likely of all demographic groups to have home internet access, making them even more reliant on print media. ― 47% of Hispanics do not have home Broadband in the U.S.; compared to 36% of Blacks and 26% of Whites ― 39% of Hispanics are “not interested in going online” at home.

54% of U.S. Hispanics speak only Spanish (or some English) in their homes.

[Source: MRI, Doublebase 2015; NCLR, 2015]